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Online Coaching

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Design a training plan tailored to suit your week, fitting in with work and the family. Being productive with the time you have is essential especially while managing life’s commitments.


Not one person’s week looks the same neither are the demands the same! With Jinx Sport we want to make sure there is a person to person, Coach to Athlete approach. Good communication is essential so we can devise a training plan for you. We like the athlete to understand the training and why we are doing it and how it will help you improve.


Your goals will become our goals and we will do our best to help you get there in the best shape possible, hopefully the best shape you’ve ever been in.

Your training plan will be delivered on TrainingPeaks around your schedule. coaching  plans can be adapted to life’s last minute changes and still hit those all important goals! 


We want to do what we can to help you get better and we will commit as much time as is realistically needed to help you get there.

Onlie Coaching

Physiology Testing


Lactic testing and Vo2 sweat comp


Applied Phyiology

We can help you understand what your body is doing at different effort levels. Where it’s best to focus your training at different periods and help you understand WHY, that’s important. Sometimes it seems counterproductive to be training with out breathing really heavily or sweating like a machine. Sure, we all love the hard work but it’s the smart work that adds the real benefit.


We can provide lactic testing for all disciplines and provide feedback to help you make the most of your training. This will help us plan your sessions and work load to help you make race day in the best possible shape.


Why do we test? 

We test to work out our current limits and how best to target specific areas of improvement. We all enjoy the endorphins of a hard session but when we have race goals we need to learn just how hard we can go and still recover effectively to maximise our training time. 


We offer 

Portable blood lactate testing in all 3 disciplines which that we can track over a full training year, block or as a one off test. This gives you a clear picture of your ability and where the next step should be. 


Our coaches will then use this data to better target the areas you might not even know needed developing.

Physiology testing


Race Day.png

We can make a personal appearance at your race day/event and cheer you on to victory. Giving you some pre-race tips on how to deliver your best.


Race day is the result of all the hard work and commitment. It’s why we get nervous, spend hours and hours on the toilet, think why am I doing this? I am never doing this again? How, can I get out of this. Doubt is natural but we all need to find the best way we can to accept and overcome the feelings which can become detrimental to performance. You are going to do the race, you are going to do the best you can, don’t let the nerves spoil it and allow the training you’ve done to carry you through.


We are able to support you at the event and help you take the last few steps to the start line walking and talking you through the process and supporting you throughout the day and help you celebrate at the finish.

Race Day



Whether it is to improve your swimming technique and confidence, cycling, running technique or to design a specific S & C program we can offer 1 on 1 coaching.


We offer

  • Stoke Analysis

  • Running Technique

  • Bike Handling

  • Session Support/Coaching-Swim/Bike/Run

  • Gym S + C coaching

  • Online 1-1 Session Coaching on a platform of your choice


Any aspect of your training where you feel you need more support and attention to progress we are happy to help.

One To One

Bike Set Up

Bike Set up.png

Make the most of your training by achieving the best bike set up for you. From seat heights to tyre choices.


With the evolution of bikes and people training smarter and better, to be at your best you need to utilise your bike position.


There is a big shift and push to be “Aero” at times this seems like it’s aero at all costs with little or no thought given to the practicality of the position.

Bike Set Up

Training Camps

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All athletes can access the annual Jinx Sport training camp as well as hire out coaches for team or individual training camps.

The most beneficial, fun, challenging part of any journey is the training camp. A training camp can help you to make big gains if done at the right time within your training plan. The enjoyment and challenge of training with others is a fun change from the usual training routine.


The JINX SPORT TEAM can help you make the most of your individual camp and support you on your trip with your training or can help your team make the most of the trip. We can join you on your own team camp or we are happy to plan the trip with and for you in line with the different level of athletes and the upcoming goals they may have.


We can organise and support your Annual club camp or build your Club training camp with our team.

Training Camps

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